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Strip Heater with Angled Former


  • Heating length: 60cm
  • Heating and Bending of plastic sheets such as Acrylic, Plexiglass, PP, PVC, PC, and PS.


Acrylic bending machines are increasingly widely used in decoration projects, sign making, folding square columns, door and window edges, display cabinets, fish tank edging, supermarket shelves, curtain walls, large light boxes and other acrylic or plastic panels. At present, the most common hot bending machines on the market have many functions and large volumes. Hot bending often needs to be processed at the construction site according to the actual shape. It is really troublesome to move a large hot bending machine to the construction site. Therefore, we need a This machine is easy to carry and easy to operate. At the same time, it also solves the problem for users who want to buy an acrylic bending machine but do not want to occupy too much area of the store.

Performance characteristics: uniform product temperature, water circulation cooling. Temperature adjustable, light and practical. Space-saving, hot bending of plastic sheets of various materials, if the thickness exceeds 6 mm, two heaters can be used to heat up and down at the same time, and multiple heaters can be combined. The thermostat heats multiple bending points at one time; if you bend a thicker plate and bend with grooves, the corners will be more beautiful. You can adapt to local conditions and use them flexibly.
Acrylic hot bending machine, compact structure, reasonable design, can be combined with the workbench to form a hot bending machine, or it can be used alone without taking up space. There are water circulating cooling on both sides of the heating pipe to ensure that there will be no thermal deformation except for the parts that need to be heated. The power and water pipes are connected at both ends, the separation of water and electricity is safe and intuitive, it is easy to plug and unplug, it is convenient to store, and it is very convenient to assemble with the workbench.

Instructions for use:
1. Bring a cooling box (barrel) of more than 30 liters. First connect the main body of the heater and the submersible pump with a silicone grease hose, place the submersible pump in the cooling water bucket, turn on the power of the water pump, and wait for water to circulate out. (Note: The water temperature of the machine will continue to rise when the machine works for a long time. Please change the cold water immediately. The circulating water temperature should not drop sharply. When the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees, the power of the heater should be cut off in time, and the circulating water will be replaced later)
2. After connecting the thermostat to the hot bender, connect it to 220V mains, adjust the temperature control knob clockwise to increase the temperature, otherwise it is to decrease the temperature. It is not advisable to rotate too fast during adjustment to avoid damage to the temperature adjustment components. (Note: It is advisable to adjust the thermostat slowly until the heating tube is slightly red. Excessive temperature will cause damage to the hot bending material and affect the service life of the hot bending machine).
3. When the heating tube reaches the required temperature, the plastic plate that needs to be bent can be placed on the heating tank, and the plate can be bake until it can be folded by hand, and then various angles can be bent. Depending on the material , The setting time is different, please determine the setting time according to the actual situation.


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